What You MUST Consider When Choosing Boilers for Apartment Buildings

What You Must Consider When Choosing Boilers for Apartment Buildings

Choosing the best boilers for apartment buildings or boiler systems for apartment buildings is critical to the overall success of the property. Let's say the majority of your tenants get home from work at 6:30 PM. Twenty people immediately take a long hot bath or a shower, ten people start making dinner, and another seven residents begin using their washing machines.

Are you certain your boiler system will have sufficient hot water to meet the demands of your tenants? If you have a larger multi-residential facility, you will need significantly more storage capacities with relatively higher BTU inputs — and you'll require more than a single water heater. Fortunately, you don't have to do it alone!

The experts at Applied Technologies of New York, offer decades of experience helping property managers and owners choose boilers for apartment buildings and boiler systems for apartment building upgrades. We'll help you consider all of your options and take into account the various characteristics specific to your property, including — but not limited to:

We get it — choosing the best boiler system for apartment buildings can be confusing and overwhelming. However, you don't have to do it alone. The experts at ATI of New York have been helping , , , and since 1995.
  • Any physical footprint limitation.
  • The total number of sinks, pools, showers, dishwashers, and other fixtures that require hot water.
  • Considerations to peak hours when the most hot water will be used.
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    Any venting restrictions and/or requirements.
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    Where you're geographically located can directly affect the seasonal impacts on base water temperature.

Continue reading to learn more about choosing the best boiler systems for apartment buildings.  

One Large Boiler vs One Boiler System for Apartment Buildings

Although one commercial boiler may seem like the more economical solution, what happens when it breaks down? Simply put, when the one commercial boiler is down, you're down; and your tenants are out of hot water. Similar to a light bulb, the large boiler is either on or off — there's no inbetween solution.

In contrast, when you choose multiple smaller modular boilers for apartments — like multifamily condensing boilers — the other boilers will remain functioning and piped to keep the property with hot water.  While you may have less hot water if one boiler goes down, using multiple boilers for your property will result in less of a negative outcome than it would with a single commercial boiler.

Consider Equipment Life

You should also consider that one large water heater will fire at a much higher BTU, which means it will burn significantly hotter than it would in a modular unit. Even though the single commercial boiler is built with more durable components, the higher heat will cause more wear and tear, which decreases the overall life of the equipment. In contrast, the lower heat on the smaller modular units will allow these boilers to last longer and have longer equipment life.  

Piping Considerings

Anytime a single, large commercial boiler is installed in your apartment building, it will be responsible for all of the hot water for the property. However, multiple smaller units in a redundant or staged boiler system can share the burden.

With the more efficient staged system, each smaller boiler fires up to meet the demand of your tenants — as needed. Your staged system can be piped in one of two different ways: balanced system piping or piped in a series. Let's look at how both piping solutions work with three small boilers sequenced in a row: Boiler A, Boiler B, Boiler C.

The Better, Balanced, Staged, Sequenced Solution

With a balanced system, Boiler A, B, and C are piped parallel. This means all three units will run virtually at all times, but run at a significantly lower rate. Whenever tenants need hot water, the three units will meet those needs equally. Multiple water heaters e sequenced or balanced is the best solution for multi family boilers for apartments.

The Less Efficient Series Staging

When the units are piped in a series, they're essentially piped in a single row and supply hot water one at a time. The units are fired in order to meet your tenants' demands for hot water. In a series piping:

  • Boiler A is always in use
  • Boiler B is in use sometimes
  • Boiler C may not be used very much at all

With this setup, Boiler A always runs very hard, so it will break down faster than Boiler B or Boiler C.

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We get it — choosing the best boiler system for apartment buildings can be confusing and overwhelming. However, you don't have to do it alone. The experts at ATI of New York have been helping contractors, end users, property & facility managers, and engineers since 1995.

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