Easy and Fast Boiler Loans and Replacement Boiler Financing

Easy and Fast Boiler Loans and Replacement Boiler Financing

Boiler Loans

Applied Technologies of New York has recently started a new financing arm by pairing up with LEAF Financing. We are now able to offer boiler financing loans and replacement boiler financing loans for equipment starts, boiler purchase, equipment installation, and more.

By doing so, we’re better able to offer you the comprehensive, end-to-end solutions you need. Continue reading to learn more about project financing with ATI of New York.

Financing with ATI of NY & LEAF

ATI of New York is proud to be the leading representative for the best, most cutting-edge equipment manufacturers in the world, including:

  • Columbia Boiler
  • Fulton
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    Power Flame
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    Detroit Radiant
  • arrow-right
    Action Blower & Equipment
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  • arrow-right
    Super Radiator Coils
  • arrow-right
    Security Chimneys International
  • arrow-right
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    Sierra Monitor
  • arrow-right
    Water King
  • arrow-right
    Auto Flame
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We have the industry expertise to guide you to the best equipment for your needs. Our seasoned sales team backs our product line up with world-class service and extensive product knowledge.

As leaders within the industry, it’s a natural extension of our business to partner with LEAF Financing to provide you with the highest possible level of service. Similar to ATI of New York, LEAF Financing represents the best and brightest of equipment lending. LEAF has financed over $5.8 billion in software, equipment and services for more than 243,000 business customers like you.

Together, ATI of New York and LEAF Financing offers you flexible terms and a simple application process designed to save you time and money.

Why Finance Equipment with ATI of New York & LEAF?

When your business needs equipment, ATI of New York is your one-stop solution. We’ll help you find the perfect boiler equipment for your facility and guide you toward the optimum equipment financing financing. Here’s why partnering with ATI of New York and LEAF financing is the premier solution.

Fixed Interest Rates

While many financial institutions offer variable rates that increase with the market, you’ll enjoy a fixed rate. This means your monthly payment and terms will remain constant, which is the preferred solution for businesses looking to manage long-term cash flows.

120 Days No Payments

With LEAF’s special promotion, you'll receive 120 days deferred financing. This means you can get the equipment you need today and not be required to make any payments on qualifying purchases for 120 days. Simply put, you’ll enjoy four full months of energy savings with zero budget impact.

Preserve Working Capital

If you have a traditional line of credit at a bank or financial institution, ATI of New York’s flexible financing solution will allow you to preserve this line of credit. Instead of maxing it out to finance a boiler or other equipment, LEAF Financing will extend a specific lending option so you can preserve your working line of credit to use it for more day-to-day business needs.

Fast & Easy

Applying for financing has never been easier. Many of our customers have been able to apply in as little as 10 minutes. Without the need to dig up three to five years of historical records and documentation, we’ve worked with LEAF to streamline the application process.

Once you submit the required documentation, you will not be forced to wait three weeks or even one week. As a matter of fact, we’re often able to provide fast financing in as little 24 hours.

Upgrades Are Easy

Ensure your facility can move at the speed of business with ATI of New York and LEAF Financing. We understand how business needs change, and our flexible financing solutions make upgrades as easy as a few clicks of a button.

Simply let us know when your needs change, and we'll work to adjust your finance terms. Anytime you need new boiler equipment or services, we’re here to help you from conception through completion.

Exceptionally Flexible

When it comes to finding the best boiler equipment financing, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Because of this, ATI of New York and LEAF Financing offers super flexible financing options.

You can choose from an array of financing terms designed to meet the unique needs of your business. Are you a brewer or brewmaster looking for step payments that start out low and gradually increase as you generate income? We can help!

Make Taxes Less Taxing

Did you know the purchase of new boiler equipment could qualify you for up to $500,000 in tax benefits? Boiler equipment purchases exceeding $500,000 that are less than $2 million can make your facility eligible for a 50% bonus depreciation in addition to the Section 179 $500,000 benefit. And when you purchase and finance your equipment through ATI of New York, we’ll help you simplify claiming your tax deduction.

Request Boiler Financing from ATI of New York

Get the equipment and services you need today! Act now to get the latest in heating reliability, energy efficiency, and performance with no payments required for a full 120 days through LEAF Financing and ATI of New York.

We’ll help guide you to the best solution and provide you with the flexible financing terms you need.

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