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“It Doesn’t Seem to Work Correctly”

I once had the opportunity to give a training class for the people in the HVAC apprentice program for Local 355 in Suffolk County. I was impressed by the facility and the interest and sincerity of the folks there. It’s good to see people who want to be the best at their trade. One fellow […]

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Gas Fired Radiant Heating

A common mistake that engineers and contractors make is using forced air heat for applications where infrared heat would be a better design option. There are many warehouses and other installations where infrared heat would provide a better comfort level and an energy savings of 50% over unit heaters. Radiant heat is the perfect application […]

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1 The Gas Utility

The local utility may have rates, services and/or incentives to help influence a design or equipment selection. By understanding Gas Utility rates you may have more options available. ATI represents manufacturers’ of equipment that qualify for these rates and will perform in applications that may not have come to mind before. Seasonal or full time service may […]

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Technology: It’s Here to Stay

When it comes to technology in the mechanical room we often greet the unknown with cautious optimism and ambivalence. “I’ve been dong it this way for 30 years and I’ve never had a problem!” is one recurring voice. “Since I’ve installed this @#%* I’ve been back here every night for two weeks on a service call!” […]

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Technology & Emissions

As we ready ourselves for the challenges of a new heating season we do so with cautious optimism. The political climate both domestically and abroad continues to spur concern and uncertainty with respect to the cost of energy. Our history is riddled with stories ranging from energy rationing during World War’s I & II to the […]

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Power Flame Ultra CMAX Burner

The Power Flame Ultra CMAX burner offers state-of-the-art technology for minimal NOx emissions (under 9 PPM on natural gas), maximum combustion efficiency and operating performance when firing all types of gaseous fuels and light oils. Designed specifically for today’s boilers, the Ultra CMAX burner utilizes an advanced firing head that combines fuel staging and premixing […]

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Learning the Boiler Lingo

Mankind has been heating water for a long time and the boiler industry in particular has been around for a few centuries. Like most things over time, we have managed to learn and improve the product. As the industry went along it developed terminology to describe the equipment and its actions. Now I remember a […]

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Greenbooster: Action Blower 2013 Newsletter

The greenbooster from action blower & equipment is a turnkey gas boost system that includes all piping, valves, controls, and instrumentation to meet your gas boosting needs. The greenbooster utilizes a variable frequency drive along with a NEMA Premium Efficient inverter rated motor to ensure energy is not wasted in boosting the available gas pressure […]

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Honeywell Has a New “Blue Box”

With the Green Movement continuing to expand, Honeywell’s Control Links (linkage-less fuel/air ratio control) System continues to be a popular option in commercial boiler rooms. It provides boiler/burner improvements such as significant energy savings, maximized burner efficiency, system reliability and accuracy, to name a few. Honeywell has now made their Control Links System a more […]

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ATI Weil McLain Announcement

ATI is excited to announce that we are now part of the Weil McLain family. We are the exclusive representative of the Weil-McLain line of boiler and boiler sequencing control products in the Metropolitan NY, Long Island, Northern NJ, and the Lower Hudson Valley area. Founded in 1881, Weil-McLain is a leading designer and manufacturer of […]

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