Putting the Benefits of Low NOx Burners to the Test

Putting the Benefits of Low NOx Burners to the Test

Whether you operate a boiler for a pharmaceutical processing plant or boilers for a hospital, you must contend with seemingly ever-changing environmental regulations. To make matters worse, shifting environmental policies coupled with new political administrations change the standards of compliance.

While regulations continue to change, one consistent focal point is the drive toward lower nitrogen oxide or NOx emissions. Simply put, the journey to be greener and enjoy the benefits of low NOx burner emissions isn't going anywhere.

One of the most prevalent ways to ensure your facility remains in compliance is by accessing the benefits of low NOx burners. And ATI of New York can help you understand and realize all of the advantages and benefits of low NOx burners, including compliance and more. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of low NOx burners and what you should consider in choosing a partner.

What is NOx?

Nitrogen Oxides or NOx is a family of toxic and reactive greenhouse gases that are a common byproduct of combustion. Whenever fuels are burned at high heat, these nitrogen oxide gases are emitted.

The Environmental Protection Agency has set regulations and rules to help minimize exposure to these gases, which can cause and/or contribute to:

  • Smog and acid rain
  • Ground-level ozone
  • Respiratory problems
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    Toxic chemicals
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    Decreased water quality
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    Global warming

In general, NOx can come from three primary sources:

  • Thermal NOx is caused by high-temperature combustion and is the most significant contributor to the composite emissions of NOx.
  • Prompt NOx is when nitrogen bounds to fuels
  • Fuel-bound NOx is usually not associated with natural gas

How Do Low NOx Burners & Boilers Operate

Low NOx burners are uniquely designed to manage and optimize the fuel and air mixing that happens at every burner. By optimizing this mixture, a larger and more branched flame is created, which lowers the temperature of the peak flame and reduces NOx production.

At the same time, the bolstered flame structure works to reduce the amount of oxygen available in the hottest part of the flame. This helps enhance the efficiency of the overall burner. In the traditional low NOx burner, reduction, combustion and burnout are attained through three different stages:

  1. Combustion happens in a fuel rich environment that is usually deficient of oxygen, which is where NOx is typically formed.
  2. Hydrocarbons are created in a reducing atmosphere, and these hydrocarbons react with the NOx from step one.
  3. In the last stage, extra NOx is formed as a result of the internal air staging completion. Yet, this extra NOx can be further minimized by facilitating the combustion in an environment with clean air.

Advantages & Benefits of Low NOx Burners

Today's most modern ultra-low and low NOx burners utilize cutting-edge methods and state-of-the-art technology to reduce NOx emissions. Much of the improvements around boiler burner efficiency is centered around improving the heat profile and combustion efficiency inside of the combustion chamber. And when you choose a low NOx burner, you'll enjoy the following:

  • Lower Carbon Monoxide and Nitrous Oxide emissions
  • Ensure your facility meets stringent local EPA requirements
  • Help your facility avoid costly fines
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    Space savings by not requiring additional ductwork
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    Increase the energy efficiency while improving your return on investment
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    Proven and documented improved product quality while offering exceptionally low maintenance.

Upgrading to Enjoy the Benefits of Low NOx Burners

When considering upgrading to enjoy the benefits of low NOx burners, it's vital to find a partner who understands your business and can guide you through the process. Applied Technologies of New York is that partner!

We bring decades of experience helping business owners across all industries achieve lower NOx emissions and improved efficiency through our world-class selection of burners. Whether you have a new burner installation or a retrofit application, ATI of New York will help guide you from conception to completion.

Contact ATI of New York today.

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