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Introducting Armstrong Pumps and Booster

ATI Now Offers Efficient Armstrong Pumps and Booster We still marvel at how aqueducts brought water to cities and towns throughout Ancient Rome, but fluid-flow systems have come a long way since then. For more than 80 years, Armstrong Fluid Technology has been a global design, engineering, and manufacturing leader and innovator of intelligent fluid-flow equipment […]

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The-PowerFlame Type EVO Burner

PowerFlame Type-EVO-Burner with Staged/Premix Combustion Technology

Type EVOOur next EVOlution of burners is an innovative design with “Patent Pending” staged/premix combustion technology to maximize operating efficiency and reduce NOx emissions on natural gas firing below 30 PPM without the use of flue gas recirculation (FGR). Designed to fire a range of gaseous fuels and light oil, the EVO burner utilizes a […]

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Endura-XE-condensing fire tub hydronic boiler

A Closer Look at the Endura XE Condensing Firetube Hydronic Boiler

Hundreds of thousands of installations around the world rely on Fulton’s legendary rugged, robust and reliable boilers. Like all Fulton products, the ENDURA XE is built to last and delivers leading-edge efficiencies and utility savings.Reduce Fuel Costs & EmissionsThe ultra-high efficiency heat exchanger and fuel-saving burner reduce fossil fuel use by 15% and NOx emissions […]

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Weil-McLain Evergreen Pro Gas Boiler

Weil-McLain Evergreen Pro Gas Boiler: Easy to Use, Flexible and Durable

Designed to extend comfort levels to all areas of your property or facility, the Weil-McLain Evergreen Pro Gas Boiler is the ideal solution for a variety of commercial applications. This innovative heating solution works perfectly as a single boiler or in conjunction with other boilers. It’s flexible enough to meet the demands of:Large residential propertiesSchools […]

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Lockwood Products

Newsletter: New Vendor, New Products

When it comes to new or replacement boiler room equipment, you should have as many practical options as possible. ATI carefully considers equipment manufacturers that share our standards for reliable, high-quality products and technologies that last. We continue to build on our product portfolio in an effort to serve as a single source provider and […]

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HVAC Case Study

Case Study: Nassau County Department of Public Works Hicksville Garage HVAC Renovation

This project was a team effort between ATI, a local contracting service, and Nassau County personnel. The County’s lead engineer on the project was Adrian Cavanagh P.E.The ProjectThe Nassau County Department of Public Works needed a complete upgrade to their boiler equipment. This included replacement of existing:BoilersBurnersFuel oil pump setLead/lag panelPumpsExpansion tankAir separatorFor a job […]

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Factors to Consider when Designing Multiple Temperature Returns in Boiler Applications

Factors to Consider when Designing Multiple Temperature Returns in Boiler Applications

In the past five years we have seen a propensity for designers facilitate a dual return temperature option on boiler room applications.  This idea was conceived with the anticipation of maximizing energy efficiency by minimizing waste energy. There are several published articles and videos explaining the theory behind how it “could” save energy, however, data-based evidence […]

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pressure gauge indicator in boiler-room

Newsletter: Are Boiler Room Applications with Dual Return Temperature Options More Efficient?

Are Boiler Room Applications with Dual Return Temperature Options More Efficient?Boiler system designers have been experimenting with the concept of a dual temperature return to the heat exchanger (HX) for decades. The idea is to compartmentalize the heat exchanger with multiple temperature zones to maximize efficiencies.While whitepapers and videos explain it in theory, the real-world […]

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Heating Systems

Turning up the Heat on the Types of Heating Systems

Process manufacturing as well as other industries heavily rely on several different types of heating systems that are used for an array of purposes. Although each type of heating system has slightly different principles and components, they all work to transfer heat energy through one of the following fundamental methods of heat transfer:  Conduction, Convection, […]

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